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Raul Rajangu


Raul Rajangu | Estónia
Vídeo Instalação | Video Instalation

Have you ever thought what feeds both Mercedes-Benz, the eternal flame and Gazprom?
“Bedrooms` Show” (2005) is a video installation taking the viewer to the back rooms of finance and power. The viewer sees two big beds covered with illuminated billboards, a glowing red for Coca-Cola and a radiating blue for Gazprom. The third is covered with a shiny black car hood with a Mercedes-Benz logo sticking out from the middle of it and in the fourth bed there is iridescent oily black liquid. In the videos projected on the wall behind the beds we see a woman and a man fooling around in the same beds, bathing in the liquid which could be both oil or Coca-Cola. Naturally there is also eternal flame present amongst the earthly pleasures.

The scope of the Bedrooms` show is wider than that of the former works focusing on corporate critisism. Rajangu collates the soft drink company and the car manufacturer to the oil company which also has immence political power. Do Coca-Cola, eternal flame and the naked human body hold the same power? Rajangu adds the naked body, which is also an icon of the consumer society, to the list of supercorporations. The body is as well a keeper and a producer of something that we need daily. A naked person is a company.


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