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Patricija Gilyte


Patricija Gilyte | Lituânia – Lithuania
HEED 360º
Vídeo- Instalação | Video Instalation

With a broad beach stretching to the horizon as her background, the artist Patricija Gilyte creates sculptural figures that take shape beneath a fabric surface. The sea breezes move and mould these organic forms, subjecting them to constant changes. The rushing wind provides a constant, invariable soundtrack. Only upon closer scrutiny is it evident that a human being is concealed under the changing surface of the sculpture. This is the artist herself, moving her body behind a foam mat, slowly pirouetting. But Patricija Gilyte remains hidden at all times, protected by her fabric shell. As in some of her video performances, she uses the soft, pliable material, which drapes itself around the body in thick, dough-like folds, to create biomorphic sculptures against a landscape. Rücksicht/ heed 360º merges sculpture, performance and video installation, with the various artistic forms of expression inspiring and interpenetrating one another. The artist thus uses the medium of video in her work to reflect, for example, on the formative process involved in creating a sculpture. In Rücksicht/heed 360º, Patricija Gilyte shows nature, form and human in perfect harmony.

© Sonja Wirtz 2007


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