Ideias Emergentes

Produção Cultural, CRL

Krzysztof Skarbek


Krzysztof Skarbek | Polónia – Poland
“Trud porozmienia | Pain in Understanding”
Instalação Vídeo | Video Instalation

“What would be most important, concerning my work, than telling about people, the world we live in, objects that surround us? In my painting and films I tell about feelings and relations between individuals and a society that wants to press them down, and sometimes even to destroy; but they do not yield — people fight all the time, or play.

In painting and video art I am not interested in form for form’s sake, I am not interested in practicing composition tricks, gambols. Painting and film are simply means to express my dreams. But I would love that all I paint and film could be materialized into real”.


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