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José Carlos Teixeira


01. José Carlos Teixeira | Portugal and Lillian Fellmann (Switzerland)
23 Horas
Vídeo Instalação | Video Instalation

02. José Carlos Teixeira | Portugal
O que é para ti um limite, uma fronteira? (“What is a limit, a boundary to you?”)
Instalação Sonora

O que é para ti um limite, uma fronteira? ( “What is a limit, a boundary to you?”) , is a sound project, originally part of a slide show, which brings together 60 small interviews with people from different European countries. One by one, they will answer in their native languages to the question that titles the work, this way confronting us with responses from more intimate and psychological nature, or with comments on a more comprehensive, geographic, political and sociological character. Positioned in a place of passage, this intervention inhabits architecture to a level of near invisibility and surprise.

23 horas (23 hours) questions language as a place of limits and isolation as two persons tell each other the story of their lives. In spite of being available to share they are divided by a table and separated by the fact that each speak a language that the other does not understand. Two languages, two bodies, two memories.

This project reflects on issues of cultural and individual displacement, but also on the possibilities of language as a significant system, and the body as the first and the last instrument of communication.

We meet, we try to understand, to be understood, and we leave, such is life.


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