Ideias Emergentes

Produção Cultural, CRL

Hosting City


Cidade de Abrigo | Hosting City
Arquitectura | Architecture

Cities are our shelters. They symbolize hope on a better quality of life and opportunities. For its dimension and infrastructures, they gather different social and economical styles of life, also installed differently in the territory. Therefore, in the city, physical and social territories are intrinsically connected. In our cities it’s easy to identify distinctive territories defined by distinctive physical and social characteristics. The existence of these “borders” can be both consequence of a planed action, or an incremental one. In many urban systems the solution found for the rising number of inhabitants and the changing patterns of life styles was the expansion of the city through new constructions while its original structures suffered a considerable population decrease. In many ways, population changes can lead to a cycle of unemployment, poverty, crime and a bigger exodus. The consequent abandonment and disfigurement of the territory become a problem for those who stay behind, usually elder ones and people with lower economical power. It is also in these expectant territories that migrants’ communities take their settlement, due to lower incomes and also to its characteristics as free territory “to occupy”. Our objective with this initiative is to promote a reflection on the city, its physical and social territory concerning the problems of social exclusion, specially associated with migration issues.


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